Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So I just finished making 14.5 dozen valentine cookies and arranging them into 21 bouquets! What started out as a small money-making idea turned into the beginning of a seasonal business.

It's funny how God can show up when you decide to do something good and totally
amaze you!

A few weeks ago, we heard about a fire in an apt. complex where some of our friends live. Our life group (basically a Bible study that meets in our house weekly) decided to make a cookie bouquet for the management and staff of the apartment complex. We figured they were probably under tons of stress, and hey, when your stressed cookies always help. Am I right?! So my friend Tracy and I made the bouquet and it turned out awesome! Then my mom came by, saw it and ordered one for a friend at her work. She told me "Hey you should make up a few business cards and an order form and send it to work with me. Maybe some of the other teachers would like to order a bouquet for Valentine's Day."

My mom works at an elementary school and I thought maybe I would get a couple orders. I took the business cards and an order form up to the school the next afternoon. With only 30 minutes left in the school day, I got tons of orders. Long story short, I had to pull the order forms by the next day at lunch because if I left them any longer, I would never get the cookies made!

I baked and baked and iced and decorated and wrapped and arranged for three days.
But now I am finished and I must say it was fun. So fun in fact that I think I'll do it again at Easter!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I have arrived to the 20th Century!


It is true. I am a true futuristic woman with the ability to use computers and the internet! I finally have wireless internet. I don't have to endure connections so slow that would rival the slowest tortoise in the universe.

I will be blogging so be prepared, World!