Thursday, September 13, 2007


There are a few things I swore I'd never do.

1. Watch Indiana Jones. I really don't have anything against Indie, but everyone has seen the movies a million and a half times and I had never seen one. In some small (albeit absurd) way, that made me special.

2. Send a text message. The further we get into the 21st century, the harder it is for me to maintain my deep hatred for technology.

3. Buy a digital camera. I thought of myself as a film purist. I thought nothing could compare to the actual chemistry that goes into creating a photograph. Come to find out, nothing can compare to the outrageous expense of buying roll after roll of film just to get that one perfect shot.

4. Create a myspace page. This is my most recent debacle. If you would like to check it out, here's the link:

Monday, September 10, 2007

In the spirit of free speech...

I read Pollyanna three times and watched the movie about 78,000 times as a little girl, but still turned out to be a cynic. Go figure.

I really do like people (I'm quite gregarious actually) but there are just some personality traits that get under my skin. I've decided to make a list. This isn't because I'm bothered by anyone in particular so don't get all weirdo reading this (see #1)! But this is my blog, so here goes:

1. People that take every little thing personally or feel slighted by the tiniest thing. Example: I know a person who will huff in exasperation if you as much as suggest doing something in a way other than what she had in mind. Then she goes on and on (but jokingly of course...) about how she better not suggest anything anymore since everyone else knows how to do everything better than she does.

2. People who argue just to argue. It's not even that they care about what they're arguing about or feel really strongly one way or the other (they may even actually agree with you), but have to take the opposite stand, just for the sake of argument.

3. People who try really hard to be funny or clever. It's OK if you're not funny. Truly.

4. People who want to be someone they're not. Example: A person hates sports (which is OK) but goes to a Super Bowl Party (still OK) and pretends to be a die-hard Cowboys fan to impress others (bugs me!) BTW: Do ya see my optimism coming out?! Cowboys...Super Bowl...

5. People who have to put a disclaimer before every sentence. Example: I hope this doesn't offend anyone here, etc. Just say it! It's OK to think differently.

6. People who talk about their kids non-stop! Do you have anything else in your life? I love my kids. I love talking about my kids. But when I'm around people who aren't married or have no kids, I withhold the details of Corban's last pediatric check-up.

7. People who think there is only one way to do something and try to make everyone else feel inferior for not being them! ARRRRGH! KILLS ME! The best (or should I say worst) example of this vexation is the person who knows THE way to parent or THE way to have a good marriage! Give me a freakin' break!

8. People who can't appreciate the differences in others. (OK, now you might be saying, "Hello! Isn't that what you're doing here? Complaining about others?!" To which I gently reply, "No, because I'm not asking others to change who they are.") My complaint (which I make no apologies for) is about people who can't appreciate the introvert, because they themselves are an extrovert and can't understand how anyone in their right mind would not jump at the chance sing karaoke in front of 50 people. I love optimists and idealists-There is a place for you in this world- just please don't ask me to become one. I never will.

9. People who alienate themselves and then complain about having no friends. You've built the prison yourself, love.

10. Passive Aggressive Behavior! Just freakin' tell the person what's bugging you!!! But please don't mope around waiting for them to pry it out of you. How do you ever expect the problem to get solved?!

11. People who are very literal. I just hate watching a movie with someone, and hearing, "Oh, that would really happen!" over and over again. It's a movie...not real life.

OK, I'm done! If this brought you down, sorry. But this is my space to say whatever! Feel free to leave hate-mail in the comment box!