Wednesday, November 28, 2007

War Dance Movie Trailer

I saw this trailer while watching the Sundance Channel last night! I am simply aching to see this movie!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Guess There's A First Time For Everything...

So last night I found myself cheering for the Eagles.


Stupid Patriots. Stupid Tom Brady. Stupid Bill Belichick.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What I'm thankful for...

As we quickly approach my favorite holiday of the year, I thought I would take just a small moment to reflect on all of the things (or at least the things I can think of right now) that I am thankful for. So here it is in all it's glory and in no particular order...My Thankful List:

1. Chloe Amarise & Corban Timothy- I never wanted to have children. But when I look into Chloe and Corban's adorable cherubic faces (when they are not spouting sassy back-talk) I realize that God in his infinite wisdom did the right thing to foil my life's ambitions!

2. My job- I had the opportunity to go back to work at a very large company and make quite a bit more money, but I decided to stick a little closer to home and work with my best friend. I have never regretted this choice. I have had the privilege of making new friends here and strengthening my bond with Monica a hundred-fold.

3. My home- Anyone who knows me knows how long and how much I have wanted a place to call our own. We've been in our house for a year now and it truly feels like home.

4. My friends- I have the best friends anyone could ask for! They make my life so enjoyable. They truly love me. Not everyone can say that of the people in their lives. I know that in the good times, the bad times and the confusing "where is my life headed" times, these girls have my back.

5. My Nannies- What a lifesaver these girls have been to me! Annie and Patrice are incredible with the kids! Not only do they invest their lives in enriching and teaching my children, but they do it with a genuine love for them. My kids are so blessed and incredibly lucky to have such wonderful care-givers while their parents have to work.

6. My amazing rental car, A 2007 Volvo S40- A lady hit my jeep a while back and I am getting to drive this lovely car throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. It's so nice, I just couldn't omit it from the list!

7. The anticipation of Christmas- The looking forward to the season is so much better (to me) than the actual day itself. I am so excited about the trees, the lights, the making of lists, and the shopping!

8. My Love- (Don't run to the bathroom to throw up just yet!) I'm not a very romantic person by nature, but...I am thankful for the best man I have ever known. He loves me and does everything possible to prove it everyday. He's not perfect, but never expects me to be either. He is quick to apologize and quick to forgive. He is the best father to our children. He dances with our daughter to Disney Princess songs and lifts her in the air like she is a prima-ballerina . He plays hot wheels on the floor with our son in his little room and teaches him to dribble his tiny Spider-man soccer ball and "Take it to the goal!" He tucks the children in to bed every night and prays for them and reassures each of them of his love for them. He is the kind of dad that every child should have had.

9. Chloe's new found love of reading- She will start kindergarten next year, but she is already reading! She has read four books all on her own now. Nothing can compare to the pride in her face when she finishes a page all by herself. She is an incredibly smart girl. I'm very proud of her.

10. The men and women who serve our country- No matter what your stance is on the war, these men and women bravely head out to protect the freedoms we so often take for granted. They are away from their husbands and wives, miss the births of their own children, miss holidays, and rarely get time off. I would personally like to thank my good friend Mike Murphy for doing his job in Iraq and doing it well. We miss you and pray for your safe return soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, eats lots of turkey and green bean casserole, takes a moment to tell someone "Thank you", and remembers to watch the Cowboys whoop the Jets! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ahhh...Young Love

A conversation with my 5-year old daughter:

Chloe: I have to tell you a secret.

Me: OK, what is it?

Chloe: I'm in love.

Me: (awkward silence.) Oh really? With who?

Chloe: With that handsome boy at school. Devin.

Me: I thought his name was Jonathan.

Chloe: Right! I mean Jonathan.