Monday, June 30, 2008

I've renewed my membership card for the "I Hate Technology Club"

I just took about 50 beautiful photographs of Chloe and Corban at the park this evening - I even let them stay up way past their bedtime, skip bath-time, eat fast-food for dinner and I cancelled an appointment to do this fun family night.

So then I get home and am organizing the photos on the software that came with the new camera. I figured I'd do a quick little post, throw a few new pics up on the site and hop in bed. But to my utter and complete frustration, as I went to delete one shot that wasn't very crisp, I ended up accidentally deleting the entire batch of photos I shot. Yep...every single one.

If I wasn't already in an emotional state of absolute overload, I'd probably cry. But what's the point? There is no one here to see or care, so instead I'll just get another migraine and go to bed mad...again.

Single motherhood isn't for sissies.

Monica or Heath, Please Come Home...

I'm lonely.

An extrovert left to her own devices is never a good thing.

There's not enough Ben & Jerry's in the world!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Handsome Boy

I'm falling asleep as I type, but I feel like I just can't go to bed without posting at least one or two photos I've taken with my new camera. It's not like I've actually had a chance to do any big photo shoots yet with the kiddos...we're in survival mode in the Wakeland house (storm season...need I say more?!) Hopefully soon I'll have a chance to get out in some sunlight and maybe they'll even get their hair combed, but for now this will have to do:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Lily's 1st Birthday

On Saturday, Chloe & Corban and I made the long and arduous trip out to Frisco Commons Park for their cousin Lily's first birthday party. Now, I love to see a baby covered in birthday cake and icing as much as the next girl...but I wasn't sure that even Lily, who is an absolute doll, could make that drive worth it! (Construction in that area is a nightmare these days; add 2 young siblings in a compact car backseat to the equation and you begin to feel my pain!)

But Lily was quite the vision in her lovely blue and white dress, and every detail of the party was perfectly planned...well except for the blustery gusting winds that blew pizza boxes all throughout the pavillion! But it was all good. The kids had a ton of fun!

I could've gone for more icing on the face though, Lily!

Friday, June 13, 2008

This Just In...from the Wakeland House

I got this email from Annie, my sweet and wonderful nanny while I was working today:

So I was changing Corban after washing my truck.. and he said he needed to go poopy on the potty, so of course I sat him on the potty (we've done this a few times before). So he sat there for a few minutes and then he
PEE PEE-ED in the POTTY!!!
I hope you are ok with this. I know it's a mom's moment. But it was purely on accident! I didn't think he'd do anything, since he hasn't in the past.

anyhow. I'm proud. He is at least on his way to being ready to start potty training!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The New Rabbit

Here are a couple of pics of the new rig.

I totally love it...but am conflicted because Peter Cabrera, my childhood friend that reeks of coolness, told me yesterday that VW's are "kind of yuppie cars."

You know what, Peter? You're probably just jealous...You just wish you could be as cool as me.

Ok, yeah...I admit it...I'm a bit of a yuppie. All I need now is my Barack Obama 08, and my Go Green sticker on the back and a couple Abercrombie bags in the hatch...