Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I just love the holidays. And Thanksgiving is my favorite. I am already dreaming of what I'll make for the four (yes, count em, four) dinners I will be attending next Thursday. At my grandmother's house I have been given the honor of making Mashed Potatoes. Now unless you are blessed with a uterus and ovaries, this will sound like a menial task. But if you are of the fairer sex...then you know what I'm talking about. It may not be mashed potatoes in your family; maybe it's green bean casserole, or pumpkin pie, or that orange marshmallow fluff...but in every family there is a dish that is expected, anticipated and revered. At my grandmother's house, it was her fluffy, buttery, perfect mashed potatoes. Three years ago she taught me how to make them just like she does. And the Thanksgiving after our cooking lesson, she asked me if I would bring them to our family dinner. And I tell you the is a duty I do not take lightly. I have crossed the threshold between being a girl and being an important woman in my family circle. For it is I who brings the Mashed Potatoes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Return to the Blogosphere

Hello? Hellooo? Anyone still out there? Please leave me a comment if you are here reading this. I so hope I didn't lose my whole audience (all two of you!) by disappearing for so long...

It's been a wacky month full of surprises and challenges & some fun too. I guess the best way to catch up would be to do a month in review in pictures, but Blogger and my camera are having a fight today, so that's just not going to happen. Sorry! So instead here's a transcript of a conversation I had with Corban (my 3 year old) in the middle of the night as he came in my room and crawled into bed with me:

(I roll over groggily and notice Corban looking right at me. He takes my face in his hands and...)

Corban: "Let's talk."

Me: "What?"

Corban: "Friends, right?"

Me: "Friends...right. Of course."
*Photo is of Corban the Entertainer doing his famous smooshie-face on the door of our entertainment center. He really is much cuter than Quasimodo in real-life. :)