Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break!!

Here's a little recap of what the Wakelands were up to over Spring Break!


My beautiful cousin Ashley got married! I had really hoped to let her meet my brother in law...but oh well, I guess her new husband does seem pretty great too! Unfortunately I'm running out of beautiful, single cousins and friends! Looks like I'm destined to never have any nieces or nephews...or sister-in-laws! :)


I made this quilt for Aaron & Janna's son who is coming right around the same time that our little one will be arriving. Aaron is one of Heath's cousins - They had a super-fun baby shower at an ice cream parlor in Frisco.

Then we went to another wedding - This one was for two of our friends from Mosaic - Zak & Lisa. It was fantastic!


What a great "mom-moment!" Heath and I took our kids to the park and he taught Chloe how to ride her two-wheel bike! She picked it up immediately! I couldn't believe it! I had my camera and was snapping away and just crying because I was so proud of her! It's moments like these that make you so happy to be a parent!


Dinosaur Valley State Park! Even though I couldn't fully participate in all the dinosaur-track hunting...I still had a great time documenting this little Spring Break Roadtrip!

And on Thursday night we had a pizza-making movie night with our good buddy Daniel!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rodeo Day

Today was Rodeo Day at Chloe's school. Here are a few shots of her in the western dress I made her and of her parade! Enjoy!